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Honey & natural cosmetics with bee products

Three good things: Honey regenerates skin and hair, moisturises it and makes it soft and supple. And the natural product has even antibacterial properties. Beewax has skin-protecting and moisturizing properties. It forms a light protective film on the skin, which has a smoothing effect for skin irritation and dryness. Propolis stimulates the immune system and promotes wound healing. It is recommended for the care of impure skin and serves as a natural preservative. Cosmetics with propolis is not suitable for pollen allergy sufferers!


Our cosmetics contain no or only natural cosmetics approved preservatives. They are freshly made and should always be kept refrigerated. Freezing and removal in small portion sizes, according to respective needs, is possible without problems and even several times. Our honeys are blossom honey. The spring flower honey is usually brighter and firmer, the summer flower honey usually darker and more fluid. Because honey is a natural product, consistency and color vary from year to year.

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